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This template generates the name for the book-category of the book associated with the current page. There is precedent for change in this naming convention; at this writing the category is named Category:{{BOOKNAME}}, while historically it was named Category:{{BOOKNAME}}.


Simply place {{BOOKCATEGORY}} on a page to get the output.

Optionally specify a page as an unnamed parameter to see the output for a different page than the current one.

{{BOOKCATEGORY|<full pagename>}}

Optionally specify the book name as parameter book to derive the associated book category name, bypassing the algorithm for deducing book name from page name; useful for deriving book category name when book name is already known, as in {{BookCat}}.

{{BOOKCATEGORY|book=<book name>}}


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This template contains the logic to sort out the base-name of the book. During the transition from the old naming scheme to the new one, a subtemplate {{BOOKCATEGORY/core}} was used to deduce the associated book-category name by determining which naming scheme the particular book used.

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